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Bosphorus Nickel - Caldag Nickel Mine

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Mixtec Australia is supplying a total of 19 Agitators for Bosphorus Nickel's Caldag Nickel Mine in Western Turkey. The duties include: Iron Removal, Primary Neutralisation, Filter Feed, Neutralisation Filter Feed & several small reagent and lime units.

The majority of the duties are solids suspension for which the high efficiency HA715 impeller is used, with a focus on mixing at low levels. The Iron Removal duty also includes a gassing design consideration using the air down the shaft feature available on Mixtec 4000 mixer drives.


Fraser Osborne - Ok Tedi Mine

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The two slurry storage tanks for Ok Tedi have heights of 24 m for which Mixtec has designed units which do not require any form of lower slap ring or bearing arrangement. The vessels contain a high concentration slurry with a density of approx 2. Sample testwork was undertaken to confirm the agitator designs including: solids settling tests, scale mixing and suspension tests & torque scale up. 

The heavy duty agitator shaft for each unit has an OD of 406 mm and a length of 19.8 m and is driven by a 132 kW Mixtec model 4016 mixerdrive.


Fluor - San Bartolome Silver

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Using the Cyanide Leaching Process, Silver will be leached into solution in the 6 x 3000 m3 leaching vessels, each of which is agitated by a Mixtec model 4015 mixerdrive with 160 kW installed power. Motor selection was of high importance to the design due to the extreme altitude of operation. The site in central Bolivia is approx 4400 m above sea level. 

Operating at this altitude and extreme temperature present special challenges which Mixtec engineers have acconted for in the design by using modified motors, special, lubricants and heating systems where necessary. The process requires Oxygen injection using the "gas down the shaft" feature of the series 4000 range. The air down the shaft system for these units is fitted with stainless steel piping and suitable rotary unions to ensure there is no oxidisation of the carbon steel agitator shaft.


Harmony Gold / Ausenco - Hidden Valley Gold

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Mixtec Australia is supplying the complete site of agitators for the Hidden Valley Gold Project in Indonesia including 90 kW Leach & CIL vessels, Cyanide Detox applications and various reagent and supporting duties. Due to the very steep and hilly site conditions, available construction and storage space is limited. Special design considerations include removing the completely assembled agitator for inspection and maintenance. Various procedures have been established along with special tools which have been engineered to provide this feature.

GAS Flue Desulphurization Mixers for Chiyoda Process

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Mixtec North America has been awarded the agitator and mixing scope of supply for five Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) system projects of American Electric Power (AEP) by Black & Veatch Engineering of Overland Park, Kansas. The contract is valued in excess of five million US dollars and will supply a total of 76 mixing systems for five coal-fired generating units in Ohio and Kentucky.

The new technology will improve the units’ environmental performance by reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide. AEP is the largest electricity generation company in the United States, supplying five million customers in eleven states. Mixtec North America submitted a comprehensive bid for the project and was chosen from a field of qualified mixer manufacturers.

Goro Nickel

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INCO AUSTRALIA MANAGEMENT selected Mixtec Australia for the supply of 49 heavy duty mining mixers, for a large variety of applications, for what will be the largest mine in the world on completion.  A wide range of carbon, stainless and duplex steels were necessary to suit the aggressive chemical environments.  FRP and several other sophisticated lining materials will also be used to meet the challenging duties. 

Skorpion Zinc 2
Goro Sample Re-Suspension Test Work Large Scale Slurry Mixing Open Tank Application


Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines

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Several CIL tanks on site were suffering from poor solids suspension resulting in the tanks bogging and destroying the mixer impellers. The downtime and high maintenance costs associated with these poor mixers needed to be fixed. Mixtec Australia designed and supplied a new shaft and impeller assembly for fitting and full scale testing.

Not only did the new impeller arrangement re-suspend the settles solids after installation but it continued to maintain suspension with only 55 kW installed power. Competitor designs running on identical vessels were all fitted with 75 kW drives and expensive over sized drives.

Due to the success of this installation orders are pending for three more retrofit designs.

The following 4 thermographs detail the reducing level of settled solids in the vessel during the commissioning period.

Please click on any of the following images for a fullscreen (640 x 480) view:


4 m Settled Solids


3 m Settled Solids


1.5 m Settled solids


0.5 m Settled Solids


Kansanshi Copper Autoclaves

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Mixtec Series 2000 for Refurbishment

Series 2000 drive internals

Mixtec has supplied 18 off high pressure series 2000 Autoclave Agitator Drives for the Kansanshi Autoclaves. Titanium shafts and impellers were fabricated and inspected rigorously for areas of potentional wear and reinforced where necessary.  TiO2 surface treatment was applied for abrasive protection.

High Gas flow rate autoclave impeller


St Ives Gold Leach Agitators 

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Goldfields of Australia selected Mixtec Australia to design and manufacture the Gold Leach agitators for its St Ives expansion project.  These tanks, which are 16.0m in dia by 18.0 m high, contain a 50% by mass slurry.  In addition to maintaining solids in suspension the agitator has to disperse oxygen, which is sparged into the vessel through the mixer drive and agitator shaft.  A rotary union on top of the heavy-duty mixer gearbox provides a reliable connection for the oxygen and the high efficiency HA715 hydroblade impeller distributes it evenly into the slurry.

ST Ives Leach Tanks Prior to installation

132kW Mixtec Agitator in operation




Mixtec Series 4000 Heavy Duty

mixerdrive with Oxygen down the shaft



Impala Platinum

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Over the past 10 years, Mixtec has supplied top entry heavy duty slurry mixers for open tank and high pressure autoclave duties. Including the complete package for the latest Base Metals Plant Expansion.  For high pressure applications, the custom built Mixtec series 2000 mixer drives are used in various configurations.  The mechanical seal life is still long and robust due to the precise bearing alignment and positioning, which is a primary feature of the Mixtec series 2000 drive. 


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